You find yourself at the foot of an ancient monument. Flames burst explosively from the ornate dais which lies before you, casting ghostly shadows which seem to move with a will all their own. A chilling wind bemoans its existence from high above, as you advance toward the seething light. Four imposing obelisks glare down upon you from their places around the dais, as if guarding it from an unwanted trespasser. Quickly, you note their surfaces are covered with mystic runes. Although you find the arcane symbols unfamiliar, you discover that you can decipher their meaning by instinct alone. You surmise that this is the result of their magical origin as you hastily translate the message:
"Hail traveller! Welcome to Sserpenthraxus' Lair. Find thee within this sanctum a portion of the wisdom that Sserpenthraxus has hoarded throughout the ages. Thou art free to tread the same paths as the beings that have come before thee, in thy quest. Be not fearful of the unearthly blaze which rages before thee -- it is but illusion to repulse those full of greed and dim of wit. Proceed then, into the flame, and thou shalt be transported to the main hall."
     Although more runes adorn the dais itself, they seem to shift tauntingly away from the edge of comprehension as you try to interpret them. It appears that they do not share the capability to be read by empathic means. Perhaps their secret may be unlocked with further exploration, you hope, as you contemplate your next move...

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